Monthly Archives: March 2019

Jesus Sympathizes with Us

It’s not easy to be “vulnerable:”  to be willing to admit your weaknesses and your faults.  With certain people you can’t be vulnerable.  They’ll use your weaknesses against you.  Not Jesus.  He has suffered in the same ways that you’ve suffered.  With one big difference. He suffered without succumbing to the temptations.  To be bitter, to give up, and to

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Worship Service March 2 & 3

Transfiguration Sunday Mission Festival SERVICE THEME : There’s Glory in the Face of Jesus Christ PRESIDING MINISTER : Pastor Jonathan Kuske SERMON TEXT : Luke 5 : 27-32 SERMON THEME : Jesus Came to Save Sinners SERMON PREACHER : Pastor Mark Luetzow (President of Michigan Lutheran Seminary) ORGANIST : Rhoda Belter Click here to view the Worship Service for March

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