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Faith Carries Its Crosses

It’s discouraging, and angering, to get into trouble when you’re innocent.  To be blamed or punished for no reason.  But it’s not too surprising, when you know that someone has it out for you.  That’s what it’s like to do the right thing, even the Godly thing.  Others can feel guilty, or feel threatened, or simply not like you, and

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Worship Service June 30th

Pentecost Sunday 3 SERVICE THEME : Faith Sees God’s Face PRESIDING MINISTER : Pastor David Olson SERMON TEXT : 1 Kings 17 : 17-24 SERMON THEME :Faith Sees God’s Face – Especially When It’s Most Hidden SERMON PREACHER : Pastor David Olson ORGANIST : Rebecca Curtis Click here to view the Worship Service for June 30, 2019  

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