Faith Carries Its Crosses

It’s discouraging, and angering, to get into trouble when you’re innocent.  To be blamed or punished for no reason.  But it’s not too surprising, when you know that someone has it out for you.  That’s what it’s like to do the right thing, even the Godly thing.  Others can feel guilty, or feel threatened, or simply not like you, and so they lash out at the “goody too shoes.”  (Read about Joseph & Potiphar’s wife in Genesis 39)  But actually it’s not the worst thing in the world.  Despite the pain and the loss, you’re “in the right.”  As a Christian, even following in “God’s way.”  Even “carrying a cross” for Jesus – out of respect and thanks for the saving one he carried for you.  Be with us this weekend, Saturday night or Sunday morning for “Faith Carries Its Crosses.”

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