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Keep the Kingdom Secure

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God . . .”  Aren’t most people doing that?  And at least, in their own way finding the kingdom?  It’s striking that Jesus gave this command to his closest disciples – that they and every other believer needed to literally “keep on seeking the kingdom.”  And when we do, God keeps it securely in

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Lifetouch Photography Session Information

St Matthew will be updating its member directory. We will be facilitating photo sessions for our members in October. Our goal is to have all members represented! All participating members will receive an 8×10 photo and a copy of the latest directory (No purchase necessary). Please sign up for a photography session through Lifetouch via the image link below. Through

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Having It All in Prayer

There’s a dilemma in praying.  You truly are in need, of unloading the guilt or getting rid of the stress.  And you pray and pray, and things only get worse.  What’s wrong?  Is your faith lacking?  Are you not asking the right way?  Should you be praying for something else. Praying isn’t that complicated or confusing when you start with

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