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Jesus Sympathizes with Us

It’s not easy to be “vulnerable:”  to be willing to admit your weaknesses and your faults.  With certain people you can’t be vulnerable.  They’ll use your weaknesses against you.  Not Jesus.  He has suffered in the same ways that you’ve suffered.  With one big difference. He suffered without succumbing to the temptations.  To be bitter, to give up, and to

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God forgives you

Someone needs an encouraging word.  Or comfort.  Or cheering up.  What do you say?  It might sound rather strange to say, “You’re forgiven,” especially if a particular sin isn’t the issue.  But “you’re forgiven” leads right into, “God’s for you,” which leads right into “God’s working out everything for your good.”  Words of “God’s forgiven you” are as powerful as

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Jesus’ State of the Union Address

The other night we heard our President’s State of the Union Address.  There were some very encouraging parts.  Like every President’s address, it left some questions unanswered.  It offered no guarantees for grave concerns.   That’s where Jesus’ “state of the union address” differs.  It guarantees that our “disciples’ union” with God makes us blessed, in spite of our woes.  And

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