Faith, Hope, and Love

Like, three pillars that rise from a foundation, God makes us strong with faith, hope, and love in Jesus.  With Faith in Jesus’ death as our Savior from all evil.  Then with certain Hope of life with God now, and forever in heaven.  And then too, with his constant and unconditional Love for us at all times, God’s love that

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Worship Service May 13th

Easter 4Mothers DayGood Shepherd SundaySERVICE THEME : I Give Them Eternal LifePRESIDING MINISTER : Pastor Jonathan Kuske SERMON TEXT : Ezekiel 34, selected versesSERMON THEME : Our Lord Shepherds with Real RescueSERMON PREACHER : Pastor Jonathan KuskeORGANIST : Rebecca Curtis Click here to view the Worship Service for May 13, 2019

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I Give Them Eternal Life

How close are you with your pet(s)?  If you’re like a lot of folks, you’re pretty close.  Many pets instinctively know how you’re feeling, and you to a degree them.  But shepherds and their sheep are on a whole different level.  There’s a bond between them that most people and animals cannot share.  And that’s the picture the God uses

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