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Infused by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever had “infused” water?  It’s when you strain water through fruits or vegetables to give it a natural flavor.  There are pitchers and cups that are specially designed for this process, and it’s a wonderful way to liven up your water with vitamins and taste. We Christians need to be “infused” a lot.  Because we are by nature

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Celebrating Easter is Not Over!

I’m going to be honest.  This coming weekend for many churches is a “down” weekend for attendance.  I suppose that after attending, in many cases, several services over Holy Week, together with the awesome celebration of Easter Sunday– people just need a “week off.” I hope you’re not one of them!  We continue to celebrate Easter for weeks to come–

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Working Together

Ever since my Sesame Street days, I’ve had drilled into me the concept of cooperation.  The more people you have working together in a task, the quicker it goes.  This is certainly true in the church.  As we work together to do the things that support and spread the gospel, God blesses us as we cooperate, and more people are reached

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Which Way Will You Go?

The way of the Lord, or the way of the world.  Which way will you go?  Just so you know: the easier way is the world’s way.  Your friends, society, the entertainment industry– you name it– they’ll all support and encourage you in the world’s way.  God’s way, as Jesus once said, is the “narrow” way, and it isn’t easy.  Not

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Point to Jesus!

Back in the days of the early Church, in the first century, Christians had real challenges as they shared their faith.  Some faced verbal attacks, but others dealt with losing their jobs, their business, and even their families.  Some even lost their lives. When we hear of such persecution, it seems like the obstacles we face are small in comparison.

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