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Jesus Affirmation

We had a powerful message in our Parenting Session last weekend. It had to do with “Jesus’ Armor of Affirmation.” Your kids let you down, or you let your family down, or you let yourself down (you get the idea), and where does that leave you: feeling guilty and insecure. Trust is broken if not shattered. And it’s not something

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God’s Jealous for You

Jealousy can be a good thing, if you’re God. The Israelites cowered and covered their ears at the bottom of Mt. Sinai. That’s because God was thundering from above. “Thou shalt have no other gods. Honor you father and mother. Thou shalt not bear false testimony against thy neighbor.” And as he decreed the Ten Commandments, he announced, “I the

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From Death to Life

Most people fear death– and rightly so!  It’s a direct result of sin, and it’s not what was supposed to happen to us.  Way back at the time of creation, Adam and Eve ignored God’s warning and ate from the forbidden tree, and thus brought death into the world.  But right away our Lord provided a promise of a Savior

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Infused by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever had “infused” water?  It’s when you strain water through fruits or vegetables to give it a natural flavor.  There are pitchers and cups that are specially designed for this process, and it’s a wonderful way to liven up your water with vitamins and taste. We Christians need to be “infused” a lot.  Because we are by nature

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