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Worthy is the Lamb

“It’s right out there!”  “Where, I don’t see it?”  You’ve probably had one of those back-and-forths about something interesting to see in the distance.  You just have to be looking in the right place.  That’s especially important when you’re looking off into the distance, into your future.  Even to heaven.  “Look, right there, the Lamb on the throne.”  When you

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Gathering for Easter at St. Matthew

It was “life shattering” news for Rob & Chara.  Tests had revealed their unborn daughter had a high risk of spinal muscular atrophy.  They soon found out how crippling, even how deadly, SMA could be for their unborn daughter.  There were sleepless nights and anxious days.  What would happen to their dear little one? Paul offered them help.  That’s the Apostle

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Hosanna to Jesus

We might say “Hallelujah!”  The Jews shouted “Hosanna.”  It was from a familiar holiday song, “Save us now!”  It also took on a second meaning, for when God had come through for them:  “Praise the Lord!”  We actually can say both at the same time.  “Hosanna – Rescue us now!”  And God hears, and promises certain “saving.”  Want to be

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Jesus Sympathizes with Us

It’s not easy to be “vulnerable:”  to be willing to admit your weaknesses and your faults.  With certain people you can’t be vulnerable.  They’ll use your weaknesses against you.  Not Jesus.  He has suffered in the same ways that you’ve suffered.  With one big difference. He suffered without succumbing to the temptations.  To be bitter, to give up, and to

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