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Point to Jesus!

Back in the days of the early Church, in the first century, Christians had real challenges as they shared their faith.  Some faced verbal attacks, but others dealt with losing their jobs, their business, and even their families.  Some even lost their lives. When we hear of such persecution, it seems like the obstacles we face are small in comparison.

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He’s Almost Here!

For children, this time of year is one of anticipation and eagerness.  They can’t wait until they get to open their presents, enjoy the tasty Christmas treats and food, and celebrate with family and friends. We all can be just as excited, because the greatest promise of God was fulfilled in the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ.  And he

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I Can’t Wait!

There are lots of things in life that we look forward to: vacations, family gatherings, special events– they’re all anticipated happenings. Do you feel the same way about heaven?  In order for us to be there, we have to die, and many are afraid to die.  But we don’t need to fear death.  For the Christian, it’s simply a sleep

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Does God Come First?

So many things in our lives demand our attention.  Whether it’s the children in the family and their schedules, the demands of our jobs, or even the things we want and need to do in retirement– so many things can take our attention.  That isn’t a problem– unless it ends up squeezing out God from our lives and thoughts.  The

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